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The EEA and Norway Grants are funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The Grants have two objectives:

  1. to reduce social and economic disparities within Europe and
  2. to strengthen bilateral relations between Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and Europe

During the 2014-2021 funding period, the EEA & Norway Grants amounted to €2.8 billion. The five areas where funding was primarily provided are the following:

  • Innovation, Research, Education & Competitiveness
  • Social Inclusion, Youth Employment & Poverty Reduction
  • Environment, Energy, Climate Change & Low Carbon Economy
  • Culture, Civil Society, Good Governance, Fundamental Rights & Freedoms
  • Justice & Home Affairs

Our charity, St Louca’s Community, in July 2020 was successful in securing €1m from the EEA Grants under the umbrella of social inclusion to co-finance the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Multifunctional Community Centre for people with disabilities located in the Nicosia district (Filani). Once completed, this will comprise of a 3-storey, main building and 6 independent houses offering health care, day care, accommodation, support and development to adults and children with complex disabilities.

As this is a very costly project, it has been decided that construction will be completed in four independent phases. In October 2019 we began construction of part of the main building (Phase A) financed by own funds which were raised through various activities/events and donors over the years. By securing €1m from the EEA Grants we were able to extent construction in November 2020 to include the entire basement and one of the houses (Phase B). Both phases of the project are expected to be completed by April 2023.

In May 2022, an additional funding of €358.588 was approved, which will be available for the construction of one more house giving the possibility of accommodating twice as many of our disabled fellow human beings, as well as having greater utilization of the rehabilitation areas.

With the completion of this part of the project, the following will be offered:

  • 24-hour care programs
  • Day care programs
  • A range of therapies (hydrotherapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy etc)
  • Various recreation, creative & developmental activities
  • Physical exercising
  • Entertainment
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If you wish to support our cause, you can make a deposit in one of the following bank accounts:

  • Bank of Cyprus / 0108-01-045583 / CY89002001080000000104558300
  • Bank of Cyprus (xLaiki) / 357017260559 / CY08002001950000357017260559
  • Hellenic Bank / 122-11-426133-01 / CY13005001220001221142613301

  • Or through JCCsmart.com.

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    Our products

    Hand-made mugs & cereal bowls are available to order on our website. First choose the design you wish to feature on your mug or cereal bowl from a selected list and then decide which name, if any, should be added to the design. You can send in your order to us by completing the “communication” form.

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